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Birchwood - Delmas

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Birchwood, Delmas.

Our Delmas Luxury Town House Project stands out as a milestone in perseverance against enmity, bureaucracy, incompetence and economic downturn, but eventually it turned out as a very fine development which produced wealth for our clients and very little for us. Quitting is not one of our strong points, but this project tested our resolve to the utmost and was the only project we ever considered walking away from - but as so often happens in these circumstances - it made us design and manage innovatively to make a success of certain disaster.

It also introduced us to the concept of development far from home - a much needed characteristic for our subsequent Secunda Office Park Project.

We provided full title town houses for the middle to upper class in typical high quality, superior finished houses on unserviced land which we bought from the Town Council and today it is strange to think that we sold serviced stands to our clients for as little as R 15 000 - only a few years ago.

This project consisted of 35 houses and we finished this development to the complete satisfaction of all our clients.

Contact Annemie on 082 717 7949 or email us at annemie at odendaal dot com for further information.