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Kingsmead Town Houses

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Kingsmead Luxury Town Houses.

Kingsmead was our very first exploration of the luxury Town House market in Witbank. The project was started in 1998.

We provided full title town houses for the middle to upper class in typical high quality, superior finished houses on land which we developed ourselves.

Although we were hit halfway by the 1998 Far East World financial crisis, when interests rates escalated to 26% p.a., we nevertheless finished this development to the complete satisfaction of our 23 clients - of which many sold their houses at more than 100% profits in two year's time.

We have also won the 2004 NHBRC best builder in category award, partly due to the success of this project.

Contact Annemie on 082 717 7949 or email us at annemie at odendaal dot com for further information.