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Kingfisher Town Houses

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Kingfisher Luxury Town Houses.

After finishing Kingsmead Luxury Town Houses, we moved on to the Kingfisher development - on land we owned behind the Kingsmead development. The project was so successful that it was sold out in three months. This project was started in 2002 when we hit the boom of the housing market. Still - we sold two bedroomed houses with a single garage with stand for R 165 000 !!!! - almost a quarter of what we sell them for today.

We provided full title town houses for the middle to upper class in typical high quality, superior finished houses on land which we developed ourselves.

This project consisted of 30 houses and we finished this development to the complete satisfaction of our clients - of which many sold their houses at more than 100% profit in two year's time thereby creating wealth for themselves - which is one of our main aims. In fact, it is a spin off of all of our developments that our clients make more money from their houses than we do.

We have also won the 2004 NHBRC best builder in category award, partly due to the success of this project.

Contact Annemie on 082 717 7949 or email us at annemie at odendaal dot com for further information.