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Kiewiet Office Park

BUILT BY THE BEST Leaders in the Building Industry for 30 years! 1993 - 2023
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Kiewiet office Park. Completed in 2006

Pro Housing has completed several office complexes in Witbank and Secunda.

Kiewiet office Park, in Secunda, stands today as a monument of faith like the first trip of Columbus to the Americas. It is said that he embarked on a trip on money he borrowed to a land he never knew existed.

Similarly we started this project in faith and on borrowed money and hoped that it would work out well in the end - and so it did.

The project consists of five office blocks to a value of R 25 million and testifies to design and quality that is hard to come by today. We had high expectations of what we wanted and how we would accomplish it, and did exactly what we set out to do.

Today the project has been sold off to investors and it is a highly successful wealth creator for them as well.

For further information contact Gary on 083 268 8749 or Email him